Day one - Demo's and Openingsparty

Introducing Friday June 12th.

Come to the centre of Renesse and see the spectaculair slackline demonstrations, meet the riders, try it yourself and get invited for the amazing opening party...

The demonstrations of the event will take place direct in the middle of Renesse and will start from 19:00 untill 22:00. There will be a lot of demo's given by some of the best of world's slackliners.

For young people and even their parents there's the possibility to try walking across the the available beginners lines or very taut matchlines. Ask the pro slackliners for tricks and tips and enjoy the best music by DJ's Benjamin Scott & Mitchel Verhoeven playing on a Sound-Delight soundsystem..

After the demo's there will be a amazing opening party for riders, crew, participants and guests. More info about this party and how to get invited will be announced soon! So be there and join us!

More information about the friday opening event and party will be provided on this website and at the official Formido Slackline Open Facebook page. Stay tuned!

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Friday's links

Check this websitelinks for all common info about the friday opening event and participants

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Demo's and Openingparty

Come to the centre of Renesse and see the spectaculair slackline demonstrations, meet the riders, try it yourself and get invited for the amazing opening party...
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Vids and

In case you still don't have a clue what's slacklining all about... Here's your oppurtunity to see some pics and vids of the best international riders. Check it out and get the taste of Slacklining too...
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Official matchday
Beach Funpark

A special and exciting day at the Renesse beach. With the second official Dutch Slackline Open and the Beach Funpark for your first slackline try-out and many more..
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Welcome at the second official Formido Dutch Slackline Open Renesse, 12th and 13th of june 2015. Two days of sportive excitement, fun, sun, beach, dance and many many slacklining. Join the several demo's, get wasted at the opening party, watch the matches, try it yourself at the Funpark and meet the riders.. But most important.. Get impressed by the sportive ambiance and make Fun together!!

Organisation Slackline Open

When last year some guys came to me and asked if our company could support a new sporting event with some construction materials, wood and boards, I was extremely curious about their plans. I never had thought that this unique sport would surprise me so much. Me and my family visited all three days of the 2014 event and we enjoyed it to the max!. That Formido is now the actuall main sponsor and namesake of the 2015 Slackline Open Renesse event, was a simple conclusion and a no doubt descision. I'm really looking forward to the weekend of 12th and 13th of june and I sure hope that you all will join me to watch, enjoy and relax!

Mark Lemsom - Formido

After a very succesfull first official Dutch Slackline Open last summer and some unwanted space on my bucketlist we decided immediately to continue this event and I'm very sure that Renesse is ready for the second episode of #SOR. I'm happy to be part of the organisation and I hope to meet you all again soon at our event. See you.

Berry Lindenbergh (org.)

We're very looking forward to the next official slackline event in Holland. Every single organisation minute is wurth to surpass last years succes! The pleasure and fun we had together was absolute fabulous! Also this year we managed to unite with several enthusiastic partners and we're proud to be part of this sportive event. With all our media expertise and available event ingredients we will try again to accomplish the unique locations, sun, sea, beach, dance and people having fun! In short terms.. It will be awesome again!

Jean-Paul Kotoun - Vibez Factory (org.)

As a true sports fanatic I really enjoyed last year of the Slackline Open Renesse. Partly because of the convincing enthusiasm of the organization, but also the sporting aspect , the environment and the music of my friend DJ Benjamin Scott, brought us as professionally sound and light company quickly to the conclusion that we wanted to lend our assistance to them. We are pleased that we can support this event with our Sound Systems and knowledge! I see you there ?

Lennart 't Mannetje - Sound-Delight